“Lenka Padysakova is one of the most professional and gifted costume designers I have worked with. Amazingly creative, highly skilled in all departments, knowledgeable, fiercely organised and a wonderful collaborator.

Not only does she select fantastic clothes which are perfect for the project, Lenka can also design and make remarkable original pieces. She is an absolute joy to work with and a true artist.”


“Lenka is a brilliant, imaginative costume designer, who perfectly envisioned the costumes I had in mind for my characters. What’s more, she is an absolute delight to work with on set, her calm, confident nature helping to keep the actors at ease, and her professional eye ensuring that costume continuity was maintained throughout the shoot. I would gladly work with her again in a heartbeat.”


“I am a professional actor, writer and film director in the UK and it gives me great pleasure to endorse the extremely talented Lenka Padysakova.

I first worked with her as an actor on the Universal Pictures film Top Dog. I can honestly say that in all of my thirty years in the business, I have never come across a more courteous, talented and creative designer. Lenka has the rare ability to make the actor feel and believe in their character the moment they see themselves in her chosen costumes.

When the opportunity came for me to direct my first feature film, Reign of the General, also for Universal Pictures, I did not hesitate in bringing her onboard. Again she excelled beyond my expectations, with her acute eye for detail and complete professionalism. All of my actors told me how comfortable they felt having her on set.

I would highly recommend Lenka to any film company.”


“We have worked with Lenka Padysakova directly and indirectly on various jobs over the years. She is extremely professional, fantastically creative and hardworking in everything she gets involved with.

We most recently worked together on an advertising still-­‐shoot for Harvey Nichols – one of the most premier department stores in London. The brief was somewhat complicated but as always, Lenka went over and above the brief and her wonderful character was a pure joy to have around on set. It is rare to find such a gifted stylist and dress maker.

We can wholeheartedly vouch for her both professionally and creatively.”

Director, Twenty Twenty

“Across the course of my 20+ movie career as a film producer, Lenka is by far the best, most talented and most intelligent costume designer I have ever worked with. Her research and preparation are incredible, she is creative without trying to force her taste on a project (a common problem with costume designers) and, to use an appropriate metaphor, she cuts her coat according to her cloth.

Lenka worked tirelessly throughout production of my film Vendetta and delivered amazing results on a minuscule budget.

I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is the best.”

Film producer

“Professional perfection.”

Mr Pustra
Performance artist

“Lenka has an excellent ability to tap into the creative stream of the film and come up with a costume design that compliments and improves the production enormously. Additionally she’s an ardent professional, with an eagle eye on very detail, making sure the wardrobe department is consistently the most reliable department on set.”

Mark Murphy

“Not only very creative and artistic but a practical designer and maker who will not miss a deadline and who is able to communicate well with clients. Lenka would always be my first choice for any project.”

Richard Dudley
Costume Studio Ltd

“Each piece of Lenka Padysakova’s work is a performance within itself. She has the rare ability to encapsulate true artistic statements and blend them with her unquestionable theatrical flair. Giving the viewer a feast for the eyes and the performer a broad but structured palate from which to work from.”

Clive Rowe

“Lenka is a joy to work with. Her professionalism, attention to detail, vast knowledge and creativity amount to an altogether excellent result. I highly recommend this lady!”

Laurie Hagen
Actress/cabaret performer

“Not only were all my costumes individually designed and completely handmade too for me, they brought a magical edge to my character – her craft, style and creativity is superb. Lenka not just acted as a costume designer/maker on the film she brought her unique passion to the costumes on set. She is so talented in her work and is a very fun, inspiring person to be around. Thank you Lenka for the most creative and characteristic costumes I have ever worn. I hope we will have the pleasure of working together in the future!”

Rachel Warren

“The incredibly talented Lenka was the costume designer on my short film “Wonderful, Terrible Thing” (Official selection: Straight 8, Cannes 2011) As the film relied heavily on the costume design to achieve its aim, Lenka was my first choice for the project and the first person on board. Under trying conditions, with limited resources and very little time she created a series of fantastic garments – all of which could be removed from the actors in under three seconds! I couldn’t have asked for more and would recommend Lenka to anyone in search of an exceptional costume designer.”

Nick Carew

“Lenka has an intrinsic understanding of costume design and has impeccable taste. She’s great to work with and very easy to get on with. Being a retired performer herself she has an understanding of the business that goes beyond the expected. Highly rated.”

Sin Bozkurt

“I have loved to work with Lenka’s designs: they are both elegant and extraordinary. She is a very talented individual, passionate and professional in her approach to her work.”

Miss Aniela

“Lenka Padysakova’s truly diverse creativity and knowledge meant that every time I approach her with an idea for an act, she was able to interpret my thoughts and put them into an illustration from which I was able to see how my ideas in terms of choreography could work in costume. I am a perfectionist, but so is Lenka, so I knew that she would be the right person to work with. Every stage was well thought through, from the design process to the construction of the costume, right to the finer details. Lenka is aware of the purpose of the work, so the visual impact from the stage was always something she considered with the design, when choosing fabric, and how I would be comfortable and able to move in it. Lenka will, without doubt, continue to impress and I am ever grateful for the work she has done for me so far.”

Luna Rosa
Burlesque performer