Born in Slovakia in 1982, Lenka studied historical costume design and scenography, art and fashion design, drawing, pattern making and sewing.
She is not only designing costumes but also she is able to make them. That’s both contemporary and historical costumes.
She started working as a designer for Berlin brand Karl Kratochwil immediately after secondary school. Lenka’s hunger for education brought her to London where she graduated from University of The Arts in 2008.

Lenka was actively involved in designing a multitude of costumes for various performers at the Micca Club in Rome where she relocated for a year.
Lenka’s costume design work for short films include Corvidae (starring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones), the acclaimed short film Wonderful, Terrible Thing which had its premiere at Cannes film festival in 2011 and the documentary The Magdalenes which won an award as a best Learning On Screen film in 2014.

Lenka has worked as a costume designer on numerous feature films such as Vendetta, The Crypt which has been chosen as an official selection at the Laughlin International Film Festival in the US in October 2014, Top Dog (directed by Martin Kemp) which won awards as a best independent feature film, best director, best actor and best supporting actor at British Independent Film Festival 2014.

Lenka’s work in TV includes both BBC & ITV and she has also worked on prestigious theatrical productions at The Royal Opera House, Peacock Theatre, The Young Vic Theatre, Teatro Palladium and Teatro Olimpico whilst living in Rome.

Lenka’s commercial work includes: Harvey Nichols campaign, Parliament ( Philip Morris ) Subway and the Lovefilm campaign.